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lumbar/chest sling w/ side shells

Part of the Evac™ sling series, the Holmes™ is designed to sit at the lumbar area of the back, promoting a low center of gravity and to carry a smaller volume than its larger brothers. But its wider width compared to the Plan-B™, Rocket™, and Takedown™ allows it to carry wider loads like iPads® and netbook laptops. This edition adds a protective padded pod on each side.


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_ padded back-carrier pocket fits up to 12" tablets; also fits MacBook 12" and MacBook Pro 13"
_ rotates around the large padded strap from lumbar area to chest
_ modular (MOLLE) webbing on main strap for pouches, etc.
_ thermoformed back padding for ventillation and durability
_ 2x protective, padded pods (one on each side)
_ large front pocket with organizer for pens, knives, small tools, etc.
_ front velcro patch area and modular webbing (MOLLE)
_ large top/bottom grab-handles
_ bottom compression strap
_ fuzzy-lined inside edges for attaching holsters/patches, etc.
_ adjustable stabilizer strap to securely hold bag to body

Weapons Accommodations:
generous MOLLE for attaching holsters/mag pouches
_ side flat-pockets for paddle holsters/rifle magazines
_ hydration pocket also has velcro panel for attaching covertly our optional modular pistol/magazine holster

What's Included:
_ 1x 1" Stabilizer Strap

Additional Info

Additional Info

External Size ~13.5" L x 9.5" W x 7" W (34.3 x 24.1 x 18 cm)
Main Compartment ~13" L x 8.8 W x 5" D (33 x 22.3 x 13 cm) - 9.8 Liters; Side Compartment: ~9.6" L x 5.5" W x 2.6" D (24.5 x 14 x 6.5 cm)
Laptop Compartment ~13" L x 8.7" W x 0.5" D (33 x 22 x 1.25 cm)
Total Gear Capacity ~19.2 L (1,172.3 cubic inches) - including side compartments
Product Weight No
Care Instructions See product tag
Main Material Invista® 1000D Cordura®; PU x2 water repellent coated for superior water resistance.
Overall size No
Design Long Beach, California - In-House Team.
Manufacturing Imported


Customer Reviews (11)

Love at first sightReview by Jake G.
There is no bag or other company that offers a new view to tactical bags with innovation and unique features like hazard4 or this bag.the holmes in is incredible in and edc type of field and it has never failed me. Ofcourse because of the sizeit would be stupid to consider this bag for a weekend bag, bug out bag or even get home bag. an expert would be able to do so , no one else. it is my edc bag and i love it. ive used this for getting food at the store , for college, for my work and even for the gym. I have walked ran and even went on bike with this bag and have never had problems thanks to the stabilizer strap and the most comfortable sling I have ever used. I can go on all day but if you are thinking of getting this bag , get it ! I fell in ove with it ever since the first time i saw it. remember the more you wait and the more the price will go up and they might discontinue it.. I got this bag 3 years ago around 80 dollars but now it is over 110 on amazon. so good luck and have a good one! (Posted on 12/22/2016)
This bag is great it fits an iPad pro perfectlyReview by ray f.
This bag is great it fits an iPad pro perfectly. The shoulder strap is great have enough storage space for pens and other things the two side pockets are perfect for storage but there is nothing to secure what you put in them overall this bag is great love it (Posted on 3/1/2016)
winnerReview by bigair
Great bag. Use it for many different roles. EDC, camera bag and concealed carry. Have a ITS tactical fat boy on the front. There is one thing I've noticed using the dividers. (Purchase separate) the inner walls of the bag could have been a little thicker. Pretty thin layer of fabric between the main compartment and the side pockets. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Five StarsReview by julian r.
EXCELENT PRODUCT (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Nice size pack for a female or teenagerReview by G. Armstrong
Nice size pack for a female or teenager. I love the fact that you can swing it from your back to your chest and access most of the compartments. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Nice sling pack, too bulky for EDCReview by PTK-SMF Peninsula
I got this to replace my (stolen) Maxpedition Lunada and have been using it as my EDC bag for a little over a month. First of all, it's a nice sling bag. The shoulder strap is the best I've seen and the padding makes it very comfortable to carry all day even when it's fully loaded. Looks like it's made to carry everything you need contained inside. However, after EDCing it for a little over a month I found that it's actually too bulky and cumbersome to carry around. Doesn't offer much choice for customization, which sucks for me 'cause I love attaching pouches and patches to my gear. It's not a terrible bag, just ok.

- Main compartment is nice and roomy.
- All compartments zip open all the way to give you easy access to everything inside your pack without having to "dig" through it.
- Very sturdy and comfortable shoulder strap, also comes with a nice sternum strap for stabilization.
- I like the dual hard shell pouches on the sides. Good for items like smartphones or sunglasses, anything you don't want crushed or banged around. They're also big enough for 18-20 oz. water bottles.
- Has another strap at the bottom that can be used to hold items like jackets, small umbrella, poncho, blanket, etc. Also can be used as a grab handle.
- Has velcro keepers to hold the extra length of strap.

- Only comes in Coyote and Black. I wish they offered at least an OD or Ranger Green as well.
- After 1 month of EDC, I started to notice the stitching coming loose and the strap edges started to fray.
- The material is too soft and makes opening the bag with one hand difficult and annoying. You'll have to pinch a corner to successfully unzip the bag open.
- Items have a tendency to fall out of your bag when you have it slung to the front and accessing the pockets, so be extra careful.
- CCW is a pain in the ass to access 'cause you'll have to use both hands to open the bag and access your firearm. Unlike the Maxpedition Lunada, where you can put your CCW in the back panel compartment. And if you happen to have it inside main or secondary compartments, you can unzip the bag open and access your firearm with the same hand.
- Very sparse MOLLE webbing. You only have 2 places to attach additional pouches to; the front of the secondary compartment and on the shoulder strap. Any pouches you attach to the front only makes the bag even bulkier.

I'll most likely use this as a light carry-on bag on the airplane whenever I travel. Just not for EDC 'cause it's too big and bulky. So I ended up buying a new Maxpedition Lunada for my EDC bag just as I did before. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Hazardously HeinousReview by Chobasco
There are so many points of attatchment and what not, I still havent figured it all out. hardware is solid for it being a plastic buckle, and zippers are all very solid. the hard case on each side is very stiff and makes a good place to store anything you dont want breaking inside. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
LOVE IT. Keeping a small pack is great because ...Review by Nina L
LOVE IT. Keeping a small pack is great because you realize you don't really need all that other stuff. That being said, it still holds everything I need plus some. Won't fit most, if any, laptops and m-l tablets. Construction seems to be of high quality, but I'm not using the pack for anything other than going to one college class per night, while doubling as my EDC carrier. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Great bag - rugged construction with protecting side shellsReview by Artifact O
I bought this bag to use as an everyday carry man purse. This would include the wallet, medications, battery backup for my phone, and leatherman with bit kit. I was not sure if it would be too big, looking at the model worn photos on the hazard 4 site. When it arrived I was very happily surprised. It is really the perfect size. The two carry handles are incredibly useful for carry to or from the car. The best part is the side she'll pockets which offer great protection for cameras or eyeglasses. Overall I love this bag, but I am looking for a small attachment to add to the large strap so that it will be on my chest while the pack is on my back. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
I love it. It's great for carrying my tablet and ...Review by William
I have been using this bag for several days, and I must admit, I love it. It's great for carrying my tablet and other electronics at work and when running errands. The special pocket made for tablets is extra padded and stiff, so I don't have to worry about anything in the bag damaging it, even when running. This is a great bag flexible bag. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/1/2016)
One Happy CustomerReview by Shihaisha
This bag has been the perfect purchase for me. I am a huge Maxpedition nut. So, when I needed a bag to carry my extensive first aid kit, PS Vita, Headphones, iPad and other EDC items they were the first company I checked. Well, they had absolutely nothing that fit my needs. All of the bags I own are either to small or way to big. Maxpeditions new line of gear does not fit my requirements either. So, with that in mind the hunt began. I have always had my eye on Hazard 4 products. A few of my friends (who are also Maxpedition nuts) own some Hazard 4 gear. I decided to check their website out and instantly fell in love with the Evac Holmes. I am the type that will research the hell out of an item before I purchase it. You will find out that there is hardly any video reviews on the tube about this bag. Although, there are a few Watson reviews. The Watson is the same bag as the Holmes except the Holmes has the hard sides vs the soft sides on the Watson. I needed the hard sides because of the items I am carrying around in the bag. This bag fit everything I need and it still has some room for more items. The bag is balanced nicely, although I wish the strap was a bit longer (I'm a big guy) but the bag is comfortable. Its set up like a dream, every pocket location was clearly thought out. They didn't just add pockets like every other company out there and for that I really appreciate it. I found a use for every single pocket in this bag. There is no dead space in this bag. Another plus is they're a California company. I live in Southern Ca, so I always try to support local businesses. Maxpedition and Hazard 4 both are So Cal companies. Hazard 4 will get more business from me. That is 100% fact. Some people wouldn't believe that the 13in Macbook Pro would fit. It does, for your information in the main compartment. The rear padded area can be used for ccw or tablet. It did fit the macbook but it was to tight a fit. This isn't a laptop bag anyways. At least not for me. I just figured I would mention it incase others wanted to know. If you're on the fence about this bag, jump off and grab it. This bag is the perfect size for many applications. (Posted on 3/1/2016)

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can my surface pro 4 fit its dimensions with keypad 11Lx8W x1/2H in inches i would love to carry surface pro ,nikon d3300 two lens and flash, 5 batt
can my surface pro 4 fit its dimensions with keypad 11Lx8W x1/2H in inches
i would love to carry surface pro ,nikon d3300 two lens and flash, 5 batt
can my surface pro 4 fit its dimensions with keypad 11Lx8W x1/2H in inches
i would love to carry surface pro ,nikon d3300 two lens and flash, 5 batt

Sorry for the delay,

I took the time to take a look at 2 products you mentioned here, the Surface Pro and the D3300 and from the size of the Holmes™ it will fit everything nicely

- The Surface Pro will fit in the back padded panel pocket that is designed for digital devices

- The D3300 can fit in the main compartment, along with the 2 lenses and battery can fit in the side pockets.

I hopt this helps you out, and thank you for contacting Hazard 4
Customer Support answered on June 9, 2016
TWMC, Is the rear compartment of this bag large enough to carry a slim 13" laptop? Thank you.
The Holmes can fit up to a 12" tablet, however it can also fit a MacBook 12" and MacBook Pro 13". For reference, the internal dimensions of the back compartment are ~13" L x 8.7" W x 0.5" D (33 x 22 x 1.25 cm). We suggest checking them against the overall dimensions of your laptop to see if it will fit. We hope this helps. Thank you for being interested in our products!
Customer Support answered on August 30, 2016
Will a 32 oz Nalgene bottle fit in the molded side compartments?
Hello. Based on the dimensions of the 32 oz. Nalgene that we found online, it will not fit in the molded sides. For reference, the internal dimensions of each molded side is approximately ~9.6" L x 5.5" W x 2.6" D.
Customer Support answered on September 1, 2017

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