Kel-Tec® Shooting Team Captain

Our packs and bags progressive formats make them more ideal for carrying ultra-short carbines; There is no more compact carbine than a bullpup (action behind trigger.) And there is no maker more innovative than KelTec® Industries, Florida. Chad Enos is their public face and travels year round presenting their groundbreaking designs in person and on all media platforms imaginable. He is of course extremely well versed in all things compact-rifle and probably the best person in the world to consult with on existing and upcoming designs. He has been with the company for years, is a great human being and an amazing collaborator. We are very happy to have him on board to consult on how to better cater our products to accommodate bullpups and other ultra short form rifles. He in turn also features some of our products in his use while traveling and doing practical rifle testing in various environments. Whether visiting with Military Arms Channel, or Nutnfancy, he’s running new gear all the time in all kinds of weather and travel conditions. He also just lives the tactical/gear lifestyle on a daily basis so we get great feedback on general usability in-role. Producing a lot of photo and video content for KelTec® means carrying a lot of pro optics gear as well, so we get a lot of feedback about how cameras, wireless mikes, etc., work in our products.